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About This Article

This article will give you information on the iCloud Keychain. Learn how set it up, work with it and how to reset it.

What is the iCloud Keychain?

iCloud Keychain is a great tool to keep all of the passwords that you have saved from one device to other devices automatically such as your Mac laptop, iPad, iPhone and iPod. iCloud Keychain will safely keep passwords for all your accounts, contacts, calendar, Wi-Fi information, credit card information and more.

Setting up Your iCloud Keychain

Both Mac Instructions and iPad instructions or iPhone/iPod.

Functions that iCloud Keychain offers

-How to enable iCloud Keychain in Safari: You need to enable the Safari app in order for the iCloud Keychain to generate passwords for you when you're creating online accounts in Safari.
-How to auto-generate passwords using iCloud Keychain: If you have trouble creating a strong password, you can let iCloud Keychain do the work for you.
-How to view your iCloud Keychain passwords: If you need to see your Keychain passwords at any given time, you can do so in Safari.
-How to prevent iCloud Keychain from being set up on other devices: If you want your iCloud Keychain to only be active on your Mac, you can disable its ability to be used on your other Apple devices.

How to reset your iCloud Keychain password

If you don't want iCloud Keychain to store your logins and passwords, credit card details, or personal information, you can disable it.

Mac Instructions to disable Keychain password and iPad/iPhone/iPod Instructions to disable Keychain password