Integrating Flipgrid with Brightspace

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About this article

This article includes information, ideas, and instructions for integrating the Flipgrid video chat tool with Brightspace. It is intended for instructors who are familiar with Brightspace and are interested in using video chat to support learning activities.

What's Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a web service that allows groups of people to discuss a specific topic asynchronously by exchanging short, 90-second videos captured using their computer or mobile device. The instructor starts a topic or grid and invites students to post a recorded video response. Similar to threaded, text-based discussions, instructors and other students can view and reply to posted videos.

Creating a Flipgrid Educator Account

Before you can create grids, invite your students to them, and access them from Brightspace, you will need to [[Creating a Flipgrd Educator account|create a Flipgrid Educator account.

Flipgrid-Brightspace integration

Currently, there are two ways to access Flipgrid grids and videos from Brightspace:

  1. A link to the grid or video. When visitors click the link, they are transported out of Brightspace to the Flipgrid website in a separate browser tab and prompted to login. Once authenticated, the grid or video is displayed.
  2. The embed code for the grid or video. Visitors can view grids or individual videos from within Brightspace, without going to the Flipgrid website. They can also post new videos to a grid from within Brightspace.

Copying a Flipgrid link and pasting it into Brightspace

Use the following steps to copy a link to a Flipgrid grid or video and paste it into Brightspace:

  1. Use your favorite browser to navigate to or to the web address for the specific grid provided to you. If you go to the grid directly, you will be asked to login. If you go to, enter grid code provided to you into the