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On August 8th, all students and faculty/staff will be converted to StarID. Those students/faculty/staff that have not had their computers reimaged or personalized might have some trouble logging onto their computers. To sign into your mobile devices with your StarID, follow these steps:

For Mac's:

  • Click on System preference From Dock. Macstarid1.png
  • From System Preferences select “Users & Groups”.


  • Click on the “Lock” icon to make changes.


  • Change your username to your StarID and enter your password that you used to unlock your computer.


  • Right click on your name on the left bar and select “Advanced Options”.


  • Now change your “Account name” to your STARID and click Ok.


  • Restart your computer and login. Note: Your StarID will not show on the username line at the login screen.
  • You might have to reconnect to WiFi using your StarID credentials.

For PC's:

  • If you are logged into your computer, "Sign out" of your computer.


  • On this screen, press the "Enter" key to get to the Login screen.


  • Click on "Local or Domain account password"/"Other user".


  • Type in your StarID followed by "@winona.edu" and then your password in the password field.


If you are still having trouble logging in with StarID, contact Tech Support at 507-457-5240.

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