Logging in with your StarID

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On August 8th, all students and faculty/staff will be converted to StarID. Those students/faculty/staff that have not had their computers reimaged or personalized might have some trouble logging onto their computers. To sign into your mobile devices with your StarID, follow the next steps:

For Mac's:

  1. Click on System preference From Dock.
  2. From System Preferences select “Users & Groups”.
  3. Click on the “Lock” icon to make changes.
  4. Change your name to your StarID and enter your password that you use to unlock your computer.
  5. Right click on your name on the left bar and select “Advanced Options”.
  6. Now change your “Account name” to your STARID and click Ok.
  7. Restart your computer and login. Note: Your StarID will not show on the username line at the login screen.
  8. You might have to reconnect to WiFi using your StarID credentials.

For PC's:

  • If you are logged into your computer, "Sign out" of your computer.
  • On this screen, press the "Enter" key to get to the Login screen.


  • Click on "Local or Domain account password"/"Other user".


  • Type in your StarID followed by "@winona.edu" and then your password in the password field.

Pcstarid4.png If you are still having trouble logging in with StarID, contact Tech Support at 507-457-5240.