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About this article

This article reviews the basic features and functions of our lyndaCampus license. It is intended for all members of the WSU campus community.

What's lyndaCampus?

lyndaCampus gives WSU users access to Lynda.com, a subscription library of over 2000 online courses taught by industry experts covering a wide variety of software tools and skills (e.g., Excel 2013 Essential Training), as well as topics related to leadership, business, photography and other areas (e.g., Leading with Emotional Intelligence). Lynda courses include high-quality, accessible video demonstrations and supplemental materials, available 24-7 from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. New courses are added every week. Information Technology Services covers the cost of lynda.com access for the entire campus via a lyndaCampus license. All students, faculty, and staff with working winona.edu email addresses can create a lyndaCampus account and access the entire course library.

Create a lyndaCampus Account

To access lynda.com, you need to create a lyndaCampus account.

The fastest way is on the Winona campus:

  • Winona campus, including dorms and west campus: If you are connected to the WSU network on the Winona Campus (Rochester users see next paragraph), via either a wireless or wired connection. Go to http://iplogin.lynda.com and select the 'Create a profile' button. Enter the requested information. Note that you must use your WSU email address as your username.

If you are off campus or in Rochester, you will need to fill out a form to request an account and it will be created one business day later:

  • Rochester campus or those who cannot get to the Winona campus: Complete the Lynda Account Request Form. TLT will create an account for you and email you the details one business day later.

Login to lynda.com

  • Once you have created your account, you can login to lynda.comwith your full WSU email address and access the lynda.com library from anywhere, any time.
  • Using a any Web browser: Navigate to http://lynda.com and sign in. If you are connecting via a browser on a smartphone or tablet, the lynda site should transition to its mobile layout automatically. If this doesn't happen, you can access the mobile version directly at http://m.lynda.com.
  • Using an iPad: You can install the free lynda.com app through the WSUApp Store. Note: you must create your profile from a desktop or laptop before you can install the app, as you will need to activate your online profile first.
  • There is currently no Android app. If you are using an Android device, use your browser to access lynda.com.

How to use lyndaCampus

  • Take a look at the How to use lynda.com lynda course. Note that some of the topics about licensing and payment do not apply to us.

Need help?

If you are having trouble logging in, you can contact lynda.com directly at 1-(888)-335-9632, submit an online help ticket from their Contact Us page, or review their FAQ. For questions about using lynda.com and integrating it into your courses, there are several help resources available:

  • Faculty and staff can contact Peggy Welshons, TLT Staff Development Coordinator. Peggy is leading TLT's support of lynda.com, she can consult with you on its use, or answer specific usage questions.
  • TLT will be adding pages to this wiki at learn.winona.edu throughout the semester. If you have suggestions for pages, contact Peggy Welshons.

Features of lynda.com

  • Take a course from start to finish or hop around in the course's table of contents, accessing the information you need when you need it.
  • Track your progress through courses and even receive certificates of course completion.
  • Bookmark sections of courses and organize courses into playlists to personalize your learning experience. You can even share your playlists with others.
  • Watch lynda videos on your iPad mini or Samsung Tab 2 while you are practicing what you learn on your laptop. Use the lynda video player to pause, speed up, or slow down playback as you practice.
  • Instructors can include specific lynda videos or entire courses in their own classes, linking to them from D2L and eliminating the need to spend class time on technology tutorials. The supplemental materials can also be used for class assignments. Download reports of student activity or ask students to deposit certificates of completion into a D2L dropbox.
  • Use lynda courses to support your own professional development.

How to get the most out of your account

  • Visit lynda.com every week for a listing of new and updated courses
  • Subscribe to the lynda.com newsletter and latest Releases emails
  • Use bookmarks to indicate favorite movies or courses
  • Download exercise files before viewing courses so users can practice applying knowledge as you go
  • Subscribe to the lynda.com blog RSS feed, follow lynda.com on Twitter, and like on Facebook
  • Download the iPhone or iPad app for anytime, anywhere learning