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Microsoft Office for Android is now available for WSU students!

You can get full access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote on your Android tablet by logging in with your WSU email and password.

NOTE: At this time the full version is available only to WSU students because of licensing.

Where do I get it from?

You can download Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, and/or Excel from WSU Apps on your WSU Android Tablet.

  1. Click the WSU Apps icon on your WSU tablet's home screen.
  2. Select Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote from the list provided.
  3. Press the button labeled Install.
  4. An application installation pop-up will appear, select Install.
  5. The App will install and you will be able to begin using it by following the setup directions below.


Once you've downloaded one of the apps for Microsoft Office on iPad, either Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft OneNote, follow these steps to sign in with your WSU account and use the apps:

  • Step 1: Start up the App and wait for it to get ready for first time use.


  • Step 2: Accept the Use terms


  • Step 3: Read the two pages of information by sliding the page to the left. Continue until you reach the Sign In page.

AndroidOffice03.png AndroidOffice04.png

  • Step 4: Tap "Sign In"


  • Step 5: Type in your WSU email address


  • Step 2: Choose “Work Account”


  • Step 3: Enter your full WSU email, as well as your WSU password, and tap “Sign In”


  • Step 4: After you’ve logged in, the program will automatically connect to your OneDrive for Business account. You will be able to start creating and editing documents!


How do I use Office Apps for iPad?

It's actually really easy! Office iPad apps (Word, PowerPoints, Excel) are all simplified versions of their desktop counterparts; if you have any experience with Office programs, you will be able to figure out Office for iPad.


When you open an Office for iPad app, you will start in a window with many templates for what you want to create. Just select a template and start working on your file!

You can also open a saved file that you've already been working on (under the Open menu). You have a choice of opening it from your iPad (if saved on it) or adding other locations such OneDrive for Business or a personal OneDrive to receive, edit files from, and save to. A reminder: all students have 1TB of storage space they can utilize from their email accounts with OneDrive for Business!


To connect your OneDrive for Business account, just select + Add a Place and then select OneDrive for Business. You will be asked to sign into your university email, so input your full email and password and you should be successful!


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