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Attention Winona State Students

Your are encouraged to start using your Microsoft Live SkyDrive cloud storage. Please read the rest of this article to learn more about SkyDrive and how to save your files out to your Microsoft SkyDrive account.

SkyDrive: What Is It?

SkyDrive is a password-protected hard drive out in the cloud. You can use it to store thousands of files and can get to them anytime you’re online and can access them from virtually any device.

Skydrive 25 gig.jpg

  • Get 25 GB of free online storage.
  • Store, access, and share thousands of documents, photos, and Microsoft Office files
  • Access files from anywhere online & view photos from most web-enabled mobile phones anywhere you have Internet access
  • Control who sees what with password protection
  • Drag and Drop: Uploading content is as easy as dragging and dropping the files from your computer onto the Web (requires Microsoft Silverlight installed)
  • Working on a project with classmates? With shared folders, the whole team can upload, download, and collaborate on documents and other files

Why Use SkyDrive?

  • You can get to your files from anywhere online
  • Easy to share folders and files with friends online
  • Large storage space

How Do You Save Files To Your SkyDrive?

There are three ways to save files to your SkyDrive account.

Steps For Creating a Microsoft SkyDrive Synced Storage

If you want to sync your files between your laptop or desktop to your cloud storage you can use Microsoft Live Mesh. You have 5 GB available on SkyDrive for this. This 5 GB is part of the 25 GB total that you have for storage on SkyDrive.

  • Create a Windows Live account at
  • Download and install Windows Live Essentials. Note that Essentials is a suite of tools. You only need Windows Live Mesh to use your SkyDrive. You may want to choose which tools to install versus the automatic install that Windows recommends.
  • Create a folder on your laptop that you will synchronize with your SkyDrive. Everything in that folder will be copied to your SkyDrive.
    • Note that you can have multiple synchronized folders, each folder can hold no more than 5 GB of content, and you have a maximum of 25 GB of storage space on your SkyDrive.
    • Also note that there is a 50 MB maximum single file size. You cannot upload a file that is larger than 50 MB to your SkyDrive.
  • From your laptop, run the Windows Live Mesh application. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Windows Live -> Windows Live Mesh. Login using the username and password you specified when you created your Windows Live account.
  • Select the Synch a Folder link, find the folder on your laptop that you would like to synchronize with your SkyDrive, and select it. From now on, whatever you save inside that folder will be copied into your SkyDrive. It can be accessed from the web and you can install Windows Live Mesh on any other computer that you own, designate a local folder and synchronize it with the SkyDrive folder you just created. That would create three copies of the content in that folder: one on your original laptop, one online in your SkyDrive, and one on your second computer.

SkyDrive Apps for iPhone and iPad

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