Microsoft PowerPoint Inserting a YouTube Video (PC)

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To insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation you must first download that video to your computer.

Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer

To download a YouTube video to your computer, navigate to the YouTube video that you wish to insert and in new tab or window go to:

Copy the YouTubes URL and paste the URL into the box on, then click the download button. YTPP2.PNG

The window will load and you should see different options to download the video. Click on what size you want the YouTube video to be. I suggest you select MP4 720P YTPP3.PNG

At the bottom of your screen it will ask if you want to Open, Save or Cancel. You should select the arrow by Save, then select Save as. You will then pick where you want to save and name the video.

Navigate to where you saved the file and open that file, it will then start to download the video.

Putting A Video Into Microsoft PowerPoint

In the PowerPoint side click where you want the YouTube video to be on, go up to the top next to the file button and click on Insert YTPP4.PNG

Under the Media section click on Video and then select Video from File... YTPP5.PNG

Navigate to where you saved the YouTube video that you downloaded and then click Insert YTPP6.PNG