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About this article

This article provides a list of all the WSU classrooms that contain a Smart Board or SMART Podium. It is intended for any member of the campus community who needs to use these classroom tools.

SMART Podium

SMART Podium

The SMART Podium interactive pen display is a monitor-like screen that sits on the teaching station and mirrors your laptop screen. You can use the attached pen or your finger to interact with your laptop. If you are running the SMART Notebook software, you have access to all the features and functions of a full-size SMART board. The following rooms have SMART Podiums:

  • Maxwell 378
  • Maxwell 379
  • Science Lab Center 120
  • Stark 103


SMART Board 6065 LCD

There are several models of the SMART Board, wall-mounted, interactive whiteboard installed in campus rooms. Some of these boards are large LCD screens and some are special whiteboard surfaces onto which a projected image is displayed. All mirror your laptop screen and are touch and pen-sensitive. If you are running the SMART Notebook software, you have access to all SMART features and functions. The following rooms have SMART Boards:

  • Minne 364
  • Integrated Wellness Center 145
  • Gildemeister 302
  • Gildemeister 226
  • Gildemeister 223
  • Performing Arts Center 113
  • Phelps 101

Installing the SMART Notebook software

To fully utilize all of the features and functions of SMART Podiums and Boards, download and install the 90-day trial version of the SMART Notebook software. Be sure to select the latest version for PC or Mac. Contact TLT for an access code to register the software.

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