Setting Up Microsoft Outlook 2010

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Changing Your Existing Outlook Settings

If you have previously had Outlook setup on your existing machine and need to edit it with Microsoft Outlook 365 settings you will have to Delete and Recreate Your Outlook Profile first. Once this is done you can go on to the next section.

Starting Outlook

Outlook is already installed on all WSU Elitebook laptops. Click on the Outlook icon and it will setup your application for you.

  • Click Next on the first Start up window.
  • The next window will ask you if you would like to configure an e-mail account. select yes. Then click on Next.


  • Outlook should locate your e-mail address. Once it does click on Next.


  • Wait until Outlook is done configuring you e-mail address, then click Finish


  • Outlook may take several minutes to download all your e-mail content.
  • The first time outlook is opened after setting up, the following login screen will appear.
  • Your email is now fully configured and ready for use.
    • Type your full email address, your password, and check the box to "Remember My Credentials" before clicking "Ok".

Outlook 1st startup.png

If you need assistance or have further questions, please contact WSU Technical Support.