Setting Up a Single User Discussion Board

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Single User Discussion Board

Single User Discussions create a private discussion board for each student on the classlist. Only the instructor and the student can see the discussion on their discussion board. One way you might use this type of discussion board is for a private journal or reflection space. Follow the steps below to set up single user discussion boards.

Step 1

Select "Communication" > "Groups" from the navigation bar drop-down. Select "New Category" to great a new group category.

SU discussion 1.jpg

Step 2

On the next page complete the following steps.


Enter a title for the group category


Select the drop-down under "Enrollment Type" and select "Single user, member-specific groups"


Check the box "Set up discussion areas."Once complete select "Save"

SU discussion 2.jpg

Step 3

On the next page complete the following steps.


Create a new discussion forum. Title your forum. This is the title that will display for students.


Select the option to "Create one topic per group"

Once complete select "Create and Next". The next page with provide you a summary. Select "Done" and then "Save" on the next page to finish creating the groups.

SU discussion 3.jpg

Step 4

To go to your single user discussion boards select "Communication" > "Discussion" from the navigation bar drop-down. You should see the discussion forum you created with a discussion topic for each student on your classlist. The discussion topic will automatically be labeled with the name of the discussion and the student's name.

SU discussion 4.jpg

Step 5

For a student to add a new entry to their discussion board they will select "Start a New Thread" which will add a new topic to the discussion.

SU discussion 5.jpg