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With the conversion to StarID, the method for signing in to use Lync has changed. Follow these instruction to sign into Skype for Business/Lync.


To sign in with a Mac into Lync, follow these instructions:

1. Open the Skype for Business application.

2. If the “License Agreement” pops up, click “Accept”.

3. On the Login in screen, type in your regular email address in “Email Address” i.e. your friendly email address e.g. In “Username” For Student type in your StarID followed by “” and for Employee your StarID followed by “” . Type in your password in the “Password” field.


4. Click “Sign in”.


1. Click to open Skype for Business.

2. It may sign you in automatically to your previous account.

3. If it does this, click the status icon under your name at the top left and choose “Sign out” from that menu.


4. You may see an error about call forwarding settings, this can be disregarded by hitting OK.

5. Click Delete my sign-in info

6.Within the forget sign-in information pop-up, click Yes

a.Enter your sign-in address (this is your primary email address e.g.

b.Enter your new user name



c.Enter your StarID password

d.Select Save my password to save credentials

e.Click Sign In


NOTE If you see Can't Signing back to Skype for Business.


  • Click OK


  • Click change.
  • A new window will popup and from there you can change the Email address.