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Snip and Sketch

Snip and Sketch is a screen capture tool that allows you to draw, highlight, and crop a screen shot.

The opening Screen



  • When you first open Snip and Sketch , there is a button on the top left that says "New". Small new.jpg
  • If you click on the little arrow right next to "New" there will be a drop down menu which allows you to put a timer on when you want to screen shot.
    • There is a 3 second option and a 10 second option.

Small new dropdown.jpg

  • When you press "New" Snip and Sketch will close and show the next open screen.
  • There will be a bar with 3 diffrent symbols.


  • The first one is a Rectangular Clip. Smallrec.jpg
  • This allows you to chose what part of the screen you want in a rectangle shape.
  • The second is a Freeform clip. Smallfree.jpg
  • This allows you to select part of the screen in any shape.
  • The third one is a Full Screen Clip. Smallfull.jpg
  • This allows you to screen shot the whole screen.
  • The next button looks like a small file. Smallsavefile.jpg
  • This allows you to pull files from your computer to edit.
  • The next two buttons are arrows. Undosmall.jpg
  • These two are the Undo and Redo buttons.


The middle bar of buttons contains the drawing, highlighting and cropping tools.



  • The first button looks like a small finger. (This pertains specifically to HP.) Smallfinger.jpg
  • When this button is selected the touch screen can be used for drawing, if not selected the touch screen can't be used for drawing.
  • You will know when it is selected because there will be a colored bar underneath.
  • The first drawing tool is the Ball Point Pen. Smallpen.jpg
  • The second drawing tool is the Pencil. Smallpencil.jpg
  • The third drawing tool is the Highlighter Smallhigh.jpg
  • Each drawing tool has its own drop down menu which allows you to choose the color and size of each stroke.


  • The fourth button is the Eraser. Smallerase.jpg
  • When erasing you can only erase whole strokes at a time.
  • When selected, there is a drop down menu that says, Erase all ink.


  • This will delete any and all drawings made to the screen shot.


  • In Snip and Sketch there is an option to have a ruler or protractor on screen while you draw.
  • This can be useful for drawing straight lines or proper angles.
  • When selected, there is a drop down menu that allows you to choose between a ruler or protractor.


  • Snip and Sketch also gives you the option to crop your current screen shot.
  • While in the cropping mode, you will see two symbols in the top right corner.
  • Once you have your desired measurements, you can click the Check mark to save.
  • If you want to start over you can click the No Symbol.


  • The last 4 icons in the top right of the page would be the various exporting choices.
  • The first button is to Save your work.
  • The second button is to Copy your work.
  • The third button is to Share your work.
  • There are a few ways to share:
  • Firstly, through contacts.
  • Secondly, through wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Thirdly, through Mail.
  • This option uses Microsoft's mail app but gives you an option to set up your outlook account.
  • The 3 dots at the very end of the bar bring a drop down menu when clicked.
  • Here, you can open the screen shot into another program or print your screen shot.