Up Mini Quickstart Guide

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Power On Printer

Power switch is on rear of unit.

Power Switch

Open UP software

UP3D Logo


Connect your laptop to the printer with the supplied USB cable.

Initialize Printer

In the 3D Print Menu Select 'Initialize'.



Open the setup Dialogue, Then close it by clicking "Continue".


Calibrate Platform

Calibrate Platform

Load your object(s)

File, open, select your object file. It will be in .STL format

Arrange or scale your object(s)

To arrange a single object for immediate printing click "Auto Placement"

To move, rotate, or scale your object, select the action required from the options at the top of the print menu.

Select the amount or increment of your move, then click the Scale, Rotate, or Move button toward the bottom.


From the 3DPrint menu, select Print.


Printing may not begin immediately as the platform and print head must warm up before printing. Once printing begins, look at the platform to ensure extruded material is adhering well to the print platform. If it is not, you may need to Calibrate Platform.

Model Removal

CAREFUL! ...The extruder nozzle(looks like a hot glue gun tip...) is extremely HOT!

To remove the model, slide the perf board off of the platform by gently sliding from the top only, toward you. Only the top layer is removable, the entire platform does not slide out.

Once removed, use the putty knife and cutting mat to peel the raft off of the perfboard. Think of forcefully cutting/scraping under the raft rather than prying.

The raft can be removed from the model by gently peeling it away from the main model body. Be careful not to damage your mode. Added support structure can be cut more easily by carefully using an Xacto blade to trim the supports from the model.