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WSU Unified Messaging System

This system can be used by all employees with a desk phone connected to the WSU phone system. You will now be able to hear your voicemail messages from any device you check your WSU email with.

Initial Setup - Done on Your Desk Phone

The initial set up of a voice mailbox needs to be done on your desk phone, and not through WebPhoneManager.

  1. Contact TSC to find out what your defaul security code (PIN#) is.
  2. From your desk phone (Winona & Rochester campuses), call 33-5899. You will need to dial all 6-digits.
    1. If you are off campus call 507.457.5899. Listen to the instructions, and then enter your 6-digit extension.
    2. Winona Campus: 33-xxxx, WSU-Rochester: 32-xxxx, WSU-Rochester on Broadway: 34-xxxx (xxxx = last four digits of your WSU phone extension)
    3. For shared voice mailboxes: If calling from a desk phone that has voice mail assigned, call 33-5899, after the system greeting, press the * key to enter the 6-digit extension for the shared account.
  3. When prompted, enter the 6 digit temporary security code, provided by TSC.
  4. Follow the tutorial to set your new security code. This can be 6-15 digits long.
  5. Record your name, and record your greeting.
  6. Your mailbox is initialized once you hear “Congratulations!”

Web PhoneManager

The Web PhoneManager allows you to set some of your mailbox options that are available to you in your CX Subscriber mailbox using a browser from any workstation. WSU’s configuration allows you to update your greeting, reset your security code and turn the Out of Office greeting on/off.

Access the Web PhoneManager at: https://voicemail.winona.edu/


Mailbox: Use your 6-digit phone number to log in

  • Prefix 32 = Winona campus
  • Prefix 33 = Rochester campus
  • Prefix 34 = Rochester on Broadway

Security Code is the 6-15 digit code you created probably when you setup your mailbox on your phone. Use Forgot Security Code if you need to recreate.


Welcome to the CX Web PhoneManager Unified Communications Portal!

Personal Settings - Recordings Tab

The Recordings tab allows you to record, re-record, or review your mailbox and greetings for each language in the system. Depending on your system's configuration, you may be able to record up to five languages (the default is one). Additionally, use this tab to enable your Out of Office greeting.



Mailbox Name - You can customize your mailbox name by recording simply your name or a longer greeting for your mailbox.

Enable Out of Office Greeting - Check this box to turn on your Out-of-Office Greeting. Uncheck to turn off the greeting.

Greeting Recording - Click the icon for each greeting name and the corresponding language to record, re-record, or delete the recording.

Recorder Bar

The recorder bar displays when you click on a greeting name or your mailbox name.


Personal Settings - Distribution List Tab

This feature is not enabled at WSU.

Personal Settings - Security Code Tab

The Security Code tab allows you to change the security code of your CX Subscriber mailbox. Your security code can be any length from the designated minimum on your system to a maximum of fifteen digits.


Current Security Code - Enter your current security code.

New Security Code - Enter a new security code. Can be 6-15 digits long. You should avoid using simple patterns, your extension, or easily guessed number such as a birthday.

Confirm Security Code - Enter your new security code again to confirm it.

Click OK to save changes.

Click Cancel to cancel changes.

Message Settings - Presentation Tab

The Presentation tab allows you to configure how CX plays envelope information, and sorts messages in the language you prefer.


Auto Play Envelope

  • None - Select None to hear no envelope information unless you request it through the TUI or the VUI.
  • Before - Select Before to hear envelope information before the message body.
  • After - Select After to hear envelope information after the message body.

Envelope Content

  • Complete Envelope - Select Complete Envelope to hear the time and date stamp, and the sender's information.
  • Dater/Time Only - Select Date/Time Only to hear the time and date stamp information only.


  • Sort urgent First - Select Sort Urgent First to sort urgent messages first.
  • Listen by Type - Select Listen by Type to sort messages by type.


  • Initial Text-to-Speech - Select the language you want CX to use when it "speaks" the text of your e-mail messages from the list.
  • Client Display - Select the language that CX uses to display special voice messaging forms for programs like Microsoft Outlook.

Click OK to save changes. Click Cancel to cancel changes.

Message Settings - Time Zone Tab

The Time Zone tab allows you to specify your local time zone so that CX can adjust the time stamps on your messages to reflect your location if it is different than the time zone location of the CXsystem. The default value is the local time zone for the location where CX is installed. If you are in the same time zone as your CX server, leave the default value. Otherwise, select your local time zone.


Time Zone - Select your time zone from the list, only if it is different than the local server time. Click OK to save changes. Click Cancel to cancel changes.

Web PhoneManager Settings - Playback Tab

The Playback tab allows you to specify how you want to play back voice messages and other audio recordings during your Web PhoneManager session, as follows:

  • If you are at a telephone that CX can reach, you can use that telephone to play or record your messages and announcements.
  • If your computer has a media player program that is compatible with Microsoft Media Services, you can listen to messages and announcements as streaming audio.


Telephone Settings

  • Telephone Number - Enter your 6-digit number.

Playback Settings

  • Telephone - Click Telephone to use the telephone interface to playback messages
  • Download - Click Download to download the message first, and then playback the message through your computer's sound system.

Click OK to save changes. Click Cancel to cancel changes.

User Resources - Documentation Tab

The Documentation tab provides additional information about how to use CX and its features. The End-User Training gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use the program. WSU does not have all features enabled, so some instructions may not apply.