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**The [[Outlook App]] is available and great to use on mobile devices.
**The [[Outlook App]] is available and great to use on mobile devices.
===Student Storage===
===Email Storage===
*25 GB inbox
*25 GB inbox

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WSU provides email (webmail) services accessible via the web to students, faculty, and staff as part of the E-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program. Be sure and check your WSU email account regularly as this is the way that WSU communicates with you.


  • WSU email is the official WSU mail system. Students are to use it for WSU related business.
  • We will never lease your email address to any advertisers and we take a pro-active approach to blocking unsolicited-bulk email messages that could clutter your inbox.

Accessing WSU Office 365 Email


Microsoft Outlook 365

WSU email is located at sky.winona.edu. You will use your StarID followed by "@winona.edu" to log into your email. Your WSU email address, however, will remain the friendly email address, e.g. jsmith14@winona.edu.

  • Use email through graduation and beyond
  • Protect email from spam & viruses
  • Use mailbox aggregation that allows you to aggregate other personal e-mail accounts within Outlook 365
  • Get access to your email, contacts, and calendar from anywhere including a broad range of active sync enabled phones (examples: Windows Phone, iPhone, Android)

There are two major ways to access your email, via the internet and via a local email client.

  • Webmail - For accessing your email anywhere with an internet connection on any computer.
  • Outlook - Program for accessing email on computer, has advantages over webmail.
    • The Outlook App is available and great to use on mobile devices.

Email Storage

  • 25 GB inbox


According to FERPA Guide 2012 p 39: "Non-public educational data should never be sent to non-institutional assigned accounts... The institution would be held responsible if an unauthorized third party gained access to a student's education record...

What this means is that we cannot support forwarding WSU emails to a different preferred account.

Faculty/Staff Storage

  • Storage Space - 2 GB
  • Warning - 1400 MB
  • Prohibit Sending - 1500 MB
  • Prohibit Sending and Receiving - 1600 MB
  • Attachment size - up to 18 MB

Alumni Email

Click here for information on WSU Alumni Email


Contact Phone Support at 507-457-5240.