Accessing OneDrive for Business using a tablet

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This article includes instructions for accessing your OneDrive for Business on your tablet and smartphone. It is intended for all students and employees.

OneDrive App

There a OneDrive app (this replaces OneDrive for Business app) for the iPad, iPhone or Android. This new OneDrive app will allow you to access both your OneDrive for Business account and if you have one, your personal OneDrive account.

Installing the OneDrive app

Figure 1. Open WSU Apps
Figure 2. Select OneDrive in WSU Apps
Figure 3. Open the Apple App Store
Figure 4. Select OneDrive in Apple App Store
Figure 5. OneDrive Accounts
  1. If you have a WSU iPad mini or iPhone, open WSU Apps on your tablet (Figure 1) and select OneDrive on the Public tab (Figure 2 -shows the old OneDrive for Business icon, the new icon will only say OneDrive)
  2. If you have a personally-owned iPad or iPhone, go to the Apple App Store (Figure 3) and search on "OneDrive." Install the app (Figure 4)
  3. When the app is installed, you will have a OneDrive tile. Select it.
  4. Enter your full WSU email address (e.g., into the username field and your WSU password into the passworkd field.
  5. Once connected, you should see all of your OneDrive for Business folders and files when you open the app.
  6. Fig. 5 Shows how you can see your OneDrive for Business and your Personal OneDrive accounts. You can access either of these accounts.

Editing Documents in OneDrive

  1. You will need to install the apps for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote to edit the documents that you have stored in OneDrive for Business. Note: do not install the Mobile Office apps.

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