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This article includes instructions for accessing your OneDrive using your favorite web browser. It is intended for students and employees.

Where is your OneDrive?

Your OneDrive is a storage folder located in the cloud, which is a different way of saying it's located on a Microsoft network server somewhere off campus that you can access via the Internet. Given that your OneDrive for Business exists in the cloud, it makes sense that one way to access it would be using a web browser on a device connected to the Internet.

How to access your OneDrive using a browser

  • From any browser go to Login with your StarID and password.
  • Click on the OneDrive icon


  • Open your browser and navigate to WSU's home page ( Go to the Resource tab and click on Office365&Email.


  • Sign into your Microsoft account with your or and password


  • Click on the OneDrive icon


  • Open your browser and navigate to
  • Log into your Microsoft Office 365 account with your StarID and password

Click on OneDrive from the panel of apps:


Tablet access

You can access your OneDrive using the browser on your tablet. However, if you have an iPad and/or iPhone or Android, then it is best to use the OneDrive app.

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