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Intended Audience

This article is intended for instructors interested in using the Brightspace Grade Tool to provide feedback on assessments.


The Grade Tool gives faculty a secure and easy way to share out student grades. This article covers the process of adding a new item (i.e. a column) to your grade book.

Adding numeric grade items to the grade book

To create numeric grade items

1. From the Assessments menu on the navbar, click Grades.

2. Enter the Manage Grades page and select the New button, click Item.

3. Click Numeric.

4. In the General tab, enter the name you wish to call this grade. Note: Keeping your grade items named consistently is extremely helpful to students and instructors. It helps you when you associate a grade item with a Quiz, Discussion, or Assignment Submission Folder, but this also provides a consistent naming convention for students trying to navigate items found in the syllabus, assignment descriptions, and finally over in the grade book.

5. Within the Grading section of the General tab, enter the maximum points and weight for the grade item.

6. Also, decide if any of the following settings might need to be checked:

  • If you want users' grades to be able to exceed the maximum points specified for the item, select the Can Exceed checkbox.
  • If you want the grade item to be a bonus, select the Bonus checkbox.
  • From the Grade Scheme drop-down list, select a grading scheme for your grade item.
  • To attach a rubric to the grade item, click Add Rubric.

7. In the Display Options area, select how you want the Learner View and Managing View for the grade item to appear.

8. Click Save and Close.

Other types of grade items

There are several other types of grade items available in the Brightspace grade book, including things like pass/fail and grades that are created by a formula. To add those types of items to the grade book, refer to the Brightspace support article on creating grade items.

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