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About Assignments

The Assignment tool is used to create dropboxes where students can submit their work for assessment. The assignment itself is designed by the teacher, as well as the timeframe for submission and the type of submission that is expected.

About submission types

Four submission types are available to instructors when creating assignments to allow evaluation of many different tasks.

  • File submission: learners upload and submit a file to the assignment.
  • Text submission: learners post text, image, or a link to their work in a text box within the assignment.
  • On paper submission: learners submit a physical copy of their assignment directly to their instructor. No file upload is required to complete the assignment.
  • Observed in person: allows instructors to observe learners as they perform tasks, such as in-class presentations, and evaluate them using Assignments. No file upload is required to complete the assignment.

On paper submissions and Observed in person assignments include additional completion options as no submissions are made by learners in Brightspace Learning Environment. These submission types can be marked as completed manually by learners, automatically on evaluation, or automatically on due date. Instructors select their completion option when creating assignments.

How to create an Assignment folder

  1. On the navbar, click 'Assessments.
  2. On the Assignments page, click New Assignment.
  3. Enter a Name, Instructions, and add any Attachments.
  4. Select an Assignment Type, Individual assignment or Group assignment. Group assignment enables you to have one submission per group, but you must associate the assignment with a Group Category. Any group member can submit and view files for a group assignment.
  5. Select a Submission type.
    • For File submissions, set the number of Files Allowed Per Submission and the Submissions rules.
    • For Text submissions, set the Submission rules.
    • For On paper submissions, set Marked as completed to one of the available options: Manually by learners, Automatically on evaluation, or Automatically on due date.
    • For Observed in person assignments, set Marked as completed to one of the available options: Manually by learners, Automatically on evaluation, or Automatically on due date.
  6. Do any of the following:
    • To receive an email message when a new submission is uploaded to this assignment, in the Notification Email field, enter your email address, or a comma-separated list of email addresses.
    • To associate the assignment with a category, select Category or click New Category.
    • To assign a score, in the Score Out Of field, enter a value. If there's also an associated grade item, maintain consistency by matching the Score Out Of field to the item's Max Points value.
    • To associate the assignment with a graded item in your grade book, select Grade Item, or click New Grade Item. Note that only numeric grade items can be associated with assignments.
    • To change the display settings for the assignment's grade item, click the Student View Preview context menu, then Edit Display Settings.
    • To associate a rubric to the assignment, click Add Rubric, or Create Rubric in New Window.
    • To hide annotation tools in the document viewer, under Annotation tools, uncheck Make annotation tools available for assessment check box.
      Note: The use of annotation tools must be enabled for your course to see the option to disable annotation tools.
  7. Click Save.

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