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Adobe Fireworks is a graphic design tool that really focuses on the preparation of images for use on the Web. Less complex than Adobe Photoshop, it is a great tool for developing Web-ready graphics quickly. It can also be very helpful for developing Web pages and interactive Web content. You can:

  1. Rapidly prototype web pages
  2. Create and optimize interactive images (e.g., image maps, rollovers) for the web quickly and accurately
  3. Export a clickable prototype of a page as an interactive PDF file, so you can easily collect comments from reviewers and demo your designs

Our Internal Help Pages for Fireworks Include


Adobe Fireworks is provided by WSU and can be installed by following instructions with Installing Software From The Network.

Other Resources

For an Official Adobe User Manual: Download this PDF

For online (web) help go to Adobe's own help site: Here!

For tutorials on getting started with FireWorks: Go Here...