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The Brightspace Assignments tool is an electronic storage space where students can submit documents and assignments. Assignments Submission Folders will accept most file formats including .doc, PDF, PowerPoint, QuickTime movie files and audio files. Student submissions are date and time stamped. This tools is also helpful when managing due dates or deadlines. The Dropbox can be set to shut down at a specific time.

Creating an Assignments Submissions Folder

How do I set up Assignments Submission Folders?

The following videos show how to configure an Assignment submission folder, associate Assignments with a grade item, and download Assignment submission folders to your laptop for grading offline.

Create an Assignment submission folder

Create an anonymous Assignment submission folder

Associate an Assignment with a Grade Item

Add restriction to an Assignment

There are two interfaces for creating Assignments in Brightspace: the traditional interface and the new interface.

  • The traditional interface is fully functional but will be deprecated in the near future. In the meantime, you are allowed to use it with the understanding that it will go away soon. You can find instructions for using the traditional interface at Add a new assignment folder to your Brightspace course.
  • The new interface is more visually pleasing but does not allow for getting automated email notifications when students submit, setting release conditions or special access on the assignment, and allowing for inclusion in the student's eportfolio. You can, however switch back to the old interface to add these features until D2L completes the implementation in the new interface. (See below.) There are full instructions for using the new interface at Add a Brightspace Assignment folder.

When you enter the Assignment tool the first time after the new Assignments tool interface has been added, you will be prompted to select the traditional or the new interface. Making the choice is not permanent as you can switch at any time by clicking the tab with the down-facing arrow at the top right corner of the Assignments tool and switching on the pull-down dialog. (See right.)

Grading Assignments

There are two ways you can grade files submitted to Assignments. Most work online to grade papers and other files. Other times you may be working in a space where the internet connection is poor or you do not have access and want to work on grading offline. The following videos explain how you can assess submissions, whether you grade them online or choose to download, grade offline, and upload grades and feedback once you are connected.

Grade submissions to an Assignment submission folder

Grade Assignment submissions Offline

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