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If you are looking to build quizzes that go anywhere beyond basic list of questions you will want to start learning more about the Quiz Library. The D2L Quiz Library allows you to organize questions (e.g. by topic, chapter, level of difficulty, type) into what are called a section. These sections can be easily pulled into quizzes and reused in other assessments. This organizational structure allows you to begin building tests designed to address different learning outcomes and sections can be randomized within your quizzes.

Steps for Building Quiz Library Sections

1. Select Quizzes from the top navigation bar in the D2L course
2. Select the Quiz Library D2L Quiz Library Button.png
3. Once in Quiz Library select the Create New menu

D2L Quiz Library Create New Menu.png

4. Select the Section option

D2L Quiz Create Menue Section.png

5. Click on the Create New button D2L Quiz Library Create New Section button.png
6. Put the appropriate name, student viewing options, and save the new section

D2L Quiz Library Create New Section Settings.png

7. Next, populate the new section by clicking the link to the right of the new section folder D2L Quiz Library Adding Questions to a section view2.png
8. Populate your new section with question, additional sub-sections, or import questions from other sources. Note: This is the exact same process as you would do for regular quizzes.
9. Finally, go to the quiz you would like to import this new section into and select the Add/Edit Questions button and important the section from the Quiz Library and select the Source Collection select Question Library option (see clip below).

D2L Quiz with Section Import from LIbrary 3.png