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About this article

This article demonstrates how to manage your Desire2Learn (D2L) Discussion Tool settings to configure how posts are displayed. It is intended for instructors and students.

Common D2L discussion forum readability issues

The D2L Discussions Tool can be quite useful. However, there are some issues that can make reading a discussion forum difficult. Fortunately, the issues below can be addressed by adjusting the tool's settings:

  • Automatically including the original message text in a reply can reduce the readability of your post. Many discussion forum tools give users the ability to quote all or some of another person's message text when replying to their posts. D2L does not provide that feature. Instead, you can choose to include the entire original message in your reply or exclude it.
  • The Preview Pane obscures posts

Personal Settings

These settings can be modified by both students and instructors. They are personal in that changing them only affects your view of the discussion.

Course (Org Unit) Settings

These settings can only be modified by instructors.

Pro tips

Including the original message text in a reply (Fig 1) can be handy in long threads where it may be unclear to which post the individual is replying. In other cases (e.g., when the original post is lengthy), this can make your discussions extend over In the settings, you can choose whether to include the original message text in all replies or exclude it. Note that this setting is not retroactive and will only apply to replies posted following the setting change.

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