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About this article

This article is intended to give you more information than what you learned in Step 6: (Additional Setup instructions). Step 6 was intended to get you work functional. This Step gives you additional resources to use your laptop at WSU.

Office Applications


Outlook - calendaring, tasks, sharing


WSU has software licenses for various programs that do not come pre-installed on your computer. You can install these programs on an as-needed basis. Use the Control Panel - Get Programs to see the list of programs that you can install. If you are an employee, you can VPN and then run the software when you are off-campus.

What's a default save location?

Some applications have default save locations for files you create using that application. For example, Microsoft Word opens a specific folder in your Home directory the first time you Save a document and every time you select Save As. WSU has already set the default save location of many of the applications that came installed on your EliteBook. For example, the default save location for Word is your Documents folder in your Home directory. When you install applications, a default save location is selected automatically or you are asked to select one during the installation process. You want the default save location to be a folder in your Home directory. For example, when you install Apple iTunes, it will use your Music folder in your Home directory. Sometimes, an application will pick a very strange and out of the way default save location. Keep your eyes on this as you install applications and change the default save location if needed. Also, be careful about deleting or renaming existing folders in your Home directory if they are default save locations for an application.

Classroom Technology

Connect to a projector or second monitor

Connect the projector or second monitor to the VGA port. Next on your keyboard, hold the Windows-key and letter 'P' to get the menu for screen options. Continue to hold the Windows-key and press the 'P' key to toggle through the choices.

Taking Notes

  • OneNote

Learning Resources


Need help with software, try Lynda online tutorials. With a Lynda account you will have access to over 2000 videos. Learn how to create your account profile by going to Lynda for instructions.

Recommended Lynda courses to help you learn Windows 8.1 (you will need your account setup to view these):

TLT & DLC Workshops

Employees are able to take workshops offered by TLT. Signup for workshops by going to our signup page at https://mywsu.winona.edu/tlt/training/default.aspx Students can contact DLC for help.

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