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Microsoft Office 2013 logo and wordmark.svg.png

Microsoft Office 2013

1. Click the Windows 8.1 Start Button.W8li1.png

It is located at the lower-left of your screen.

2. Click the Word 2013 Tile.

(1)Office Tiles.jpeg

3. Click Blank Document.

(2)Office Blank.PNG

4. At the top-left of the Word document, click the word "FILE"

(3)Office File.PNG

5. Click "Account" on the left-hand side.

(4)Office SideBar.PNG

6. Click the "About Word" icon.

(5)Office About.PNG

7. On this window towards the top, you will see what version you have.

(6)Office Version.PNG

8. Congratulations, you should now know what version of Office you have!