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The D2L Dropbox tool is an electronic storage space where students can submit documents and assignments. The Dropbox will take most file formats including .doc, PDF, PowerPoint, QuickTime movie files and audio files. Submissions are date and time stamped. Students will get an email letting them know they have submitted a file to the Dropbox. This tools is also helpful when managing due dates or deadlines. The Dropbox can be set to shut down at a specific time.

Dropbox Landing Page


Setting up a new Dropbox


1. Name for Dropbox.

2. Choose whether or not this is a group or individual student submission. NOTE: If you want a group submission method you must have the group set up. Also, once you select one this setting cannot be changed. Choose the Group Category (i.e. the group) you would like to have access to this Dropbox.

3. You can also set your groups up under Categories. This might be a good way to keep things organized and easy for your students to follow. You could divide your drop boxes into categories such as papers, journals or projects...ect.

4. You can also connect all your drop boxes directly to your grade book. Use the Grade Item drop down menu to select the correct item or click on the New Grade Item to create the item in your grade book.

5. You can also connect your Dropbox to a D2L Rubic.

6. You can use the Attached Files to attach any document or audio file for your students. This is a great feature for assignment directions or even verbal directions on submitting an assignment.

7. Your last step is to save your dropbox. You can also hit Save and New to create another dropbox.

Setting Dropbox Restrictions

RestrictionDate ConditionsDropBox.png

Dropbox Special Access

The first step is to select which option you want under Special Access. You can either allow students to submit work outside the times you set for the rest of the course. Or you can only allow students with special permission to see this dropbox.


Next hit the Add Users to Special Access button. Special Access Button.png



Once the students are selected and you hit save their names will be listed under the Special Access list on the first page.

Dropbox and Feedback

There are several key features to the D2L Dropbox feedback tool. Below you will see what it looks like once you click on a Drcpbox. Each student will have their own electronic folder they can drop their documents into.


Student Dropbox

The image below show you what you will see once you select a student's Dropbox.


Dropbox Feedback Options


1. Using the Next Student button in the right hand corner allows you to move quickly from one student the next.

2. This will give you basic information such as the students name, picture and view their profile. You can also email a student from this view. In this area you will also see the Dropbox name, edit the Dropbox properties and also see how the Dropbox appears to the student.

3. You can connect your Dropbox right to your Gradebook for seamless grading and feedback. The score you enter here will automatically transfer to the Gradebook.

4. You can leave written feedback in this area, once you click in the area you will be given a standard text editor that works similar to Microsoft Word.

5. You can also give your students feedback through a document or audio feedback. This is a great feature for uploading "tracked changes" in a Word document such as a paper draft or outline. The audio feedback feature will allows you to give verbal feedback. You can also use both features together.

6. New to D2L 10 you can save your feedback as a draft and publish later. If you want to give immediate feedback just click on Publish. It's important to note that students must go to D2L to receive your feedback.

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