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Backup up data to your network store (R: Drive) is easy and a convenient way to be able to access your files anytime online if you have a VPN connection. The easiest way to backup data from your D: Drive (or C: Drive if you have files saved there) to your R: Drive is to open each of these up in separate windows. then you can drag your files from one drive to the other

Windows 7

  • To open the first window, double-click on the Computer icon on your Desktop Computer icon.jpg
  • Under the Computer section, double-click on C: or D: - whichever drive the files are in that you wish to save.
    • If you wish to save your entire D:\Data drive make sure that there is enough disk space on R: to do so
  • To open the second window, double-click on the Computer icon on your Desktop once more
  • Double-click on the R: Drive - this is your personal network storage drive
  • Move the two windows side by side as illustrated below


  • Now click on the files/folders in your C: or D: drive and simply drag and drop them over to your network storage space.

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