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Creating a Form Library In a Sub Site

  • The new forms site collections have been created at these locations:
  • We need to create subsites under these locations. Example:
  • Form Libraries are created under each of these subsites which store the form template along with the submitted forms.


1. Go to the site that you wish to create the form library in.


2. Click on “View All Site Content”

3. Click on “Create”

4. Under Libraries click on Form Library

5. Fill out the necessary information

  • Name the library. Example: ITVServiceRequest
  • No spaces please, use capital letters for each new word
  • Add a brief description
  • Display this document library on the Quick Launch? = NO
  • Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library? = NO
  • Document Template = InfoPath form
  • Click on “Create”

6. Open up your Form Library. Example: ITS Forms > TLT > ITVServiceRequest

7. Click on Settings > Form Library Settings

8. Under General Settings click on “Advanced settings”

  • Allow management of content types? = YES
  • Opening browser-enabled documents
  • This is where you choose if you want the form to open in the browser or in the InfoPath application
  • InfoPath application = Open in the client application
  • Browser = Display as a web page
  • Display “New Folder” command on the New menu? = NO
  • Allow items from this form library to be in search results? = NO

9. Under Permissions and Management click on “Permission for this form library”.

  • Do not delete the OWNERS Group!!!
  • Do not delete the inherited group responsible for reviewing information.
  • If necessary delete the group(s) that will not be filling out this form. (Actions > Remove User Permissions.)
  • Put a checkmark in the box before the group (can check multiple boxes), click on Actions > Remove User Permissions.
Add the targeted audience group(s) if it doesn’t already exist from inheritance as limited access. (New > Add Users).
  • The main groups are:
  • AllStudents-pre
  • AllStudents
  • AllFaculty
  • AllStaff
  • Make sure they have Add Items.
  • Click on the group that will be filling out this form
  • Check “Add Items - Users can add items or documents but cannot view them once added.”
  • UNCHECK the box by “Send welcome e-mail to the new users”.
  • The person(s) that are responsible for reviewing the information needs to be given CONTRIBUTE access if not already inherited.
  • Make sure this person is included in the permissions
  • They will probably need CONTRIBUTE access – depending upon what they will be doing with the information.

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