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Fig 1. Accessing Manage Files from the table of contents
Fig 2. Select the Edit Course link
Fig 3. Select Manage Files

About this article

This article describes the D2L Manage Files Tool, used to organize and manage existing files in a D2L course. It has been updated to cover D2L Version 10.3 and is intended for instructors.

Where are my course files?

When you create a topic in your table of contents by uploading your syllabus, a Microsoft Word file stored on your laptop, where does that file go? Basically, the upload process creates a copy of your file and sends it to a D2L database on a Minnesota State server in St. Paul. When your students select the link to your syllabus in D2L, that file is displayed in the D2L Topic Viewer and can be downloaded by your students to their computers. Although you are not required to do this, you can access and organize all of your existing course files using the D2L Manage Files Tool.

Why would I want to use the Manage Files Tool?

  • You can't standing knowing that all your course files are being stored in one, big, disorganized pile.
  • You want to upload files to your D2L course and create topics that link to them later.
  • You want to organize files into folders, making it easier to find and overwrite multiple files at once.

Accessing the Manage Files Tool

From the TOC

  1. Open up a D2L course, select the Materials menu, and select Content.
  2. Select Table of Contents from the sidebar.
  3. Select Manage Files from the Related Tools menu (Figure 1).

From Edit Course

  1. Open up a D2L course.
  2. Select the Edit Course link (Figure 2).
  3. Select Manage Files under the Site Resources heading (Figure 3).

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