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Microsoft Flipgrid is a free, online video chat tool from that allows groups of people to discuss a specific topic asynchronously by exchanging short videos captured using their computers or mobile devices. Used in an educational context, instructors create a discussion forum or grid, add one or more topics to the grid, and invite their students to post recorded video responses to those topics using a built-in video recording tool. Similar to threaded, text-based discussions, instructors and other students can then view and react to posted videos.

Posting a video from your laptop

Every Flipgrid topic has a unique web address. The host of the Flipgrid discussion will send you the link. Follow these steps to open that topic, view the videos and post one yourself:

  1. Browse to the Flipgrid link
  2. Select Log in with Microsoft (Fig 1)
  3. Enter the following version of your username: (students) or (employees)
  4. Allow Flipgrid to use your camera and microphone if prompted

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