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Brightspace navigation consists of the Brightspace header, the in-course navigation, and operation-specific navigators.

The Brightspace header

The Brightspace header is at the very top of every Brightspace page and remains visible at the top of the window even if the page is scrolled by the user.

The example below shows the header as it appears on the Brightspace course home page.

D2L Minibar.png

In-Course Navigation


Each course features a navigation bar with a series of drop-down menus and links.

Clicking on Materials produces a drop-down menu containing informational elements of the course including Content, Checklist, Calendar, FAQ, Glossary, Locker and LOR.

Communication includes access to Discussion, Chat, and other forms of communication between students and between students and the professor.

Selecting Assessment produces a drop-down will all assessment components like Assignments, Quizzes, Attendance, Competencies, Grades, Rubics, Self Assessments, Surveys and User Progress.

Library includes links to the library's article database and card catalog.

Resources features areas of the WSU web space that students require in and out of the course including Access, Career Services, Technology Services, Advising, Career Services, Counseling & Wellness, Math Achievement Center, Online Learning Resources, Student Support Services, Tutoring, Writing Center and WSU Academic Integrity Policies.

Course Admin brings up the Course Administration dialog for importing and exporting courses and activating the course.

Help includes links to the FAQ, WSU Brightspace wiki, and Brightspace help.

Operation-Specific Navigation

Each operation conducted within Brightspace will have operation-specific navigation, including Save and Cancel buttons, pull-down menus to make selections, and operation buttons to delete, edit, or move.

Customizing Course Navigation

Faculty have the ability to customize course navigation in any of their classes. Typical changes to navigation include things like removing a tool from the navbar that is not used in the class. For more information on how to customize the navigation in a course, refer to Customizing Course Navigation.

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