Network and Cloud Storage Comparison

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Network and cloud storage is backed up nightly, so they are great places to store your work and school files. Students have a OneDrive for Business account. Employees have a OneDrive for Business account and access to network storage.

Cloud Storage (OneDrive for Business)

WSU provides OneDrive for Business for cloud storage, enabling students and employees to access files with a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Other cloud starge services are not recommended for work files. Learn more about OneDrive for Business.

Network Storage (employees only)

File storage on the WSU network is referred to as Personal or Department storage. Both are great places for employees to store work documents, including confidential data. Only you can access documents in personal storage (R: drive on PCs and smb://[StarID] on Macs). Others in your department can access documents stored in department storage (S: drive on PCs and smb:// on Macs).

Comparison Chart

Type of Storage Access By Storage Amount Permissions Security (See Data sensitivity and file storage) Off-Campus Access Mobile Compatible
OneDrive for Business Students and Employees 1 TB in the cloud You can share your documents with others. Do not store private data. If your documents are not shared then you are the only person that can view the documents. Yes with internet access Yes
Personal NW drive (R:) Employees 4 GB Only you have access Can store confidential documents Yes with VPN and Map NW drives No
Department NW drive (S:) Employees Approx 20 GB per dept Permission controlled by Active Directory list for dept Can store confidential data, but everyone in the dept can view/edit Yes with VPN and Map NW drives No

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