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This article provides an overview of the level of expected privacy, security, and reliability of our OneDrive for Business cloud storage service. It is intended for both students and employees.

Are my OneDrive for Business files private and secure?

They are private to the same degree as your files on your WSU personal network directory or R drive. By default, any file you upload to your OneDrive for Business cannot be accessed by any other user unless you decide to share it. Since you can now share files using OneDrive for Business, you should never store private data here (more on data security). Microsoft also has network administrators who can access your files if required (e.g., if subpoenaed), just as WSU network administrators can access your files stored on our campus network. According to Microsoft, they do not mine your data for advertising purposes and they only use it to help provide the service. For example, if you are having trouble with your OneDrive for Business, a network administrator might look at your files and usage log to determine when you last uploaded a file or whether you uploaded a file infected with a virus. In today's digital world, it's safe to assume that any file you transmit and/or store on the Internet is accessible by someone else. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use the service; you just need to behave accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of your data in OneDrive for Business, contact our ITS Security Officer, Toby Schmidt (

Is OneDrive for Business reliable?

Service uptime for the most recent quarter was 99.97%. Microsoft's financially-backed customer service level agreement sets 99.9% as the uptime threshold. If WSU experiences monthly uptime that is less than 99.9%, Microsoft will compensate us through service credits.