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OpenText Web Site Management (formerly Reddot) is the Web content management tool that Winona State uses to maintain the official university website at Although OpenText is the name of the company and Web Site Management is the name of the tool, we simply refer to this tool as "OpenText." It is a browser-based tool that allows people responsible for managing their department's content on to:

  • Create new pages using preset, centrally-controlled templates
  • Edit existing pages using Internet Explorer or Firefox browser that does not require an understanding of HTML or other programming languages
  • Save changes in draft form and publish them to the live site directly when ready
  • Manage a shared library of reusable content

Help Documentation

Login and Project Selection Process

OpenText Interface

  • Homepage Tab - The Homepage can be checked to see if there are any pages saved as Draft or waiting for Release for publishing. Remember to refresh your page to see all items.
  • SmartEdit Tab - Select and edit pages in your site by simply browsing to them and clicking the appropriate "red dot."
  • Tasks Tab - Accomplish common tasks, such as releasing pages and submitting them to workflow.
  • Search Tab - Define and save page searches that will help you find the pages you need to edit quickly.

Common Tasks

Text Editor

  • Telerik - The HTML editor used by OpenText

Additional Resources

Website Managers Learning Community

The Website Managers Learning Community website contains resources from both the Web Communications and TLT department. This site contains links helpful resources for maintaining your website in one place.

Website Standards & Best Practices

The Communications department can help you with questions that have to do with site organization, navigation and overall best practices for content. The Web Standards & Best Practices Guide can also help you.

Useful shortcut menus

  • Right-click (PC) and control-click (Mac) now brings up useful, context-sensitive menus with access to common tasks, saving you considerable time.

Training Materials and Resources

OpenText Editing Existing Pages handout

OpenText Creating New Pages

Web Manager Checklist for Publishing


Learning Opportunities

Course Descriptions

Scheduled Group Workshops

  • TLT would be happy to schedule a custom workshop for you or your team. Contact TLT for more information.