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Selecting the SmartEdit tab will display a list of pages in your project. Select a page and it will be displayed for editing with red dots appearing in areas of the page that can be edited. Select a red dot to begin editing that component of the page.

Figure 1. SmartEdit tab


Opening Pages

When you select the SmartEdit tab, a list of links to pages in your site or "project" is displayed (Figure 1). The Home Page link at the top of the list will open your site's homepage. You can then either edit the homepage by selecting the appropriate red dot (Figure 2) or navigate to the page you want to edit. Under Extra Pages links on the SmartEdit tab there is a list of links that go to pages that are created to be linked to from within another page in your project. Note, it is always better to create pages from the Left Nav or QuickLinks area on your pages. If you plan to make a hyperlink in the content area to a new page, then you will use the Extra Pages links. Reminder that when you do this, you will have to customize your breadcrumbs for these pages.

Figure 2. Good old red dots

Switching to Page Preview

When you have a page open in the SmartEdit tab, a button bar will appear in the lower right corner of the screen that will allow you to switch between edit and preview modes (Figure 3). This allows you to preview how the page will look and function. This will only work with Internet Explorer browser. Unfortunately, it does not work for the Macs.

Figure 3. Switch to page preview