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Step 1: Create a Copy of a Quiz


Step 2: Naming and Saving the Quiz Copy


1. Select the quiz you want copy.

2. Rename the quiz. You might keep the name the same and just simply add "Access Services" at the end.

3. You can keep the quiz inactive for now. You can make this change when completing Step 3.

4. Hit the save button.

Step 3: Disable the Right Click

Click on the "copy of the quiz" and click on the Properties Tab. Make sure the Disable Right-Click box is unchecked. See image below.


Step 4: Adding Special Access on the Restriction Tab

1. Select the Restriction Tab at the top of the quiz.

2. Next select Allow only users with special access to see this quiz. This setting will only allow the students you will select in the next step to see and access the quiz. No other students in your class can see or take this quiz.

3. Your classlist will appear; simply select the student who needs special access to the quiz and set start and end dates if they are different from the original quiz.

4. You will now see the student's name under the Add Users to Special Access button. The pencil will allow you to edit the access and the red X will delete the access.


Step 5: Student Access Icon

This icon lets you know that special access has been set up for a student in your course. It is important to note, the student will also see the same icon. To access the quiz they just have to click on the name of the quiz. AccessStep4Icon.jpg

Step 6: Entering the Quiz into the Gradebook

To grade the quiz you will need to go into the attempt and manually enter the students score into the gradebook. The score will not automatically export into the gradebook.

Click on the arrow to the right of the name of the quiz and select Grade. You will now see a list of the students who took the special access quiz. The score be next to the student's name; next enter the score into the gradebook manually.


For questions please contact TLT at 457-5240 Option 1 or TLT@winona.edu.

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