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Organizers can register a Model Legislature Advisor (e.g., a teacher) in the Model Legislature Online application prior to a legislative session. This creates an Advisor account and prompts the advisor via email to create a password. Advisors can then sign in to the application, register the students in their delegation, review a list of reserved bills, and use the application during the session to monitor legislative activity.

Registering an advisor

  1. Browse to the Model Legislature Online application and sign in using (WSU student) or (WSU employee) and your StarID password (Fig 1).
  2. Select Register a new advisor or student (Fig 2).
  3. Select the advisor's delegation (i.e., school), select the Advisor role (Fig 3.1), enter the advisor's first and last name and email address. Double-check this information for accuracy and select Submit (Fig 3.2).
  4. Send an email indicating that you have completed the person's registration and to expect an immediate email message with Model Legislature: Setup your account in the Subject line. Advise people to check their Junk or Trash folder if they do not see the message in their Inbox and to contact you if they still cannot find it. The email will list the advisor's username (email address) and include a button that opens a browser window and routes them to a Model Legislature Online application page where they can enter a password (Fig 4). Once they complete this step, they are registered and can sign in to the Model Legislature Online application as an Advisor.

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