Release notes for D2L 10.3

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Note that MnSCU updated the WSU D2L instance from 10.1 to 10.3. Some of the changes listed below were implemented by D2L in Version 10.2. We are grouping everything together in this article.

Heads Up!

The following are significant changes to how D2L functions that will affect most or all current D2L instructors:

Content Tool

  • The Table of Contents view now has an Expand All/Collapse All function! Hard to believe that this didn't exist until now.
  • If you The HTML Editor has taken several leaps forward
  • The table of contents view has been redesigned to increase usability, functions have been consolidated into the actions menus for modules and topics, and the bulk edit function is much more usable.
  • Topics that link to external websites The More Actions button was eliminated. Bulk Edit is in its place and the other menu items were moved. Delete and Publish to LOR were moved to the action menu for the module or topic. Set All Completion was moved to the action menu for the module.
  • The Open in New Window check box on links has been changed to Open as External Resource. The result is the same, the site is opened in a new window and tracking data is not collected.

That's Nice

The following are changes that improve usability but do not really add or change D2L features and functions:


  • Role switch can now be accessed from any page of the course by selecting your name at the top of the screen.

Content Tool

  • New icons for the TOC sidebar (e.g., Overview, Bookmarks)
  • Changed module title "Course Overview" to "Overview"
  • Add Attachment feature in the Overview module can now expand/collapse
  • Moved page status (draft vs published) to the right side of the window
  • Added Checklist and Survey to New menu
  • Changed button name from Add Activities to Add Existing Activities
  • Wording has changed on completion method labels. They added the word "required," so the choices are now: Required: Automatic, Required: Manual, Not Required. Previously, they were Automatic Completion, Manual Completion, and No Completion Tracking.
  • The completion method is now listed in text format versus just the check icon.
  • The View Topic window has been redesigned. Information and access to topic property editing functions have been grouped under three collapsible headings: Activity Details, Learning Objectives, and Completion Summary. These areas run the full length of the window. Completion Summary is a new feature and replaces the mini-TOC that used to be displayed. All the topic properties (e.g., description, restrictions) are accessible under the Activity Details heading.
  • The Delete Content dialog box has been separated into three dialog boxes: Delete Topic, Delete Module, and Delete All Modules. The wording on the dialog boxes has changed to make it clearer what is being deleted, although the two choices are the same technically.
  • The Delete function has been moved to the action menu.
  • When accessing the Import/Export/Copy Components Tool from the TOC, the name of the button has changed from Copy Course Components to Import/Export

Bulk Edit Mode

  • Added a Delete button (trash can)
  • Added a Done Editing button to close Bulk Edit mode