Restore files from network drive or external media on a Mac

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Restore your backup files from a network drive or external media

This is less common a way to back up your content, but some do store small amounts of data on the network and external storage devices such as a thumb drive, external hard drive, or even SD cards. The following sets of directions walk you through this process.

Restore from network Drive

This is less common for people to use, but some data is still stored on network drives. Note: this is the process for accessing your backups from campus. If you are trying to access network storage from off-campus you will need to use VPN.

1. Open Finder and choose the Go from the menu.

2. Choose the Connect to Serveroption

3. In the Server Address box (see clip below) paste one of the following links to connect to your Personal or Department data (Note: you can copy/paste one of the addresses below if your list is not pre-populated) and choose the Connect button.

  • Personal storage: smb://
  • Department drive: smb://

4. Once connected, your data will appear and you can drag and drop your files and folders to the appropriate place on your hard drive.

Restore from an external device

1. Select the connected device from the Desktop (see clip below with activated external device) and the Finder window will appear.

2. Select the laptop hard drive and a new Finder window will come up (see clip below).

3. From the external device choose the files and folder(s) and drag these files to the appropriate place (e.g. Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures, etc.)

Restoring Files .jpg