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Fig 1. Select Self Registration to see course list
Fig 2. Select course from list
Fig 3. Change role to Student

About this article

This article includes instructions for enrolling in Brightspace courses that are configured for self-registration. It is intended for all WSU students and employees.

What's a self-registration course?

Some Brightspace courses are configured to allow anyone with access to our D2L Brightspace system to enroll in them. Registration may be open continuously or limited to a specific timeframe. When enrolled in a self-registration course, it will appear in your My Courses list in Student view, but may not appear under a typical semester heading. A complete list of self-registration courses can be viewed in Brightspace.

Enrolling in a self-registration course

  • Login to Brightspace and select “Self-Registration” in the upper-left navigation bar (Fig 1)
  • Select the course from the list (Fig 2)
  • Select the Register button. Your information should appear in the First name, Last name, Email, and Org Defined ID fields. Select the Submit button and then select the Finish button.
  • You can now select the Done button to return to the Brightspace homepage.

Accessing self-registration courses in which you are enrolled

  • If the course is configured to require approval, you will not be able to access the course until your registration request has been approved. Otherwise, you will be able to access the course immediately.
  • Once your registration is complete, you will find the course in the View All Courses list in the My Courses widget on the Brightspace homepage.
  • Instructors are typically registered for self-registration courses using the Student role. Under My Courses on the Brightspace homepage, instructors will need to change their role from Teacher to Student to see these courses (Fig 3)

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