Setting up Groups in Your Class

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Intended Audience

WSU instructors currently using Brightspace and interested in using groups in their Brightspace courses.


Groups are a means of organizing learners within a course offering into smaller units. This article looks specifically at how group definitions are created and maintained.

Setting Up Groups in Your Course

Defining Groups

Best Practices

  • Use meaningful group names. Rather than using the default prefix of "Group" in the group names, use something that reflects the project or the nature of the team. You can define a custom prefix for the groups in the Groups Category definition.
  • Any group assignment or activity that requires users to interact, submit or share materials within the Learning Environment.
  • Collaborative activities.
  • Peer editing and assessment.
  • Creating smaller or differentiated learning cohorts within a course offering.

Instructional Resources

Creating Groups

Here are some resources that explain the types of groups supported by Brightspace, how to create them, and how they might be used:

Maintaining Groups

Here are some resources that describe how to create and maintain groups in your course:

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