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About this article

This article includes information about the D2L training and support resources available through WSU Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services (TLT). It is intended for all members of the WSU campus community looking for opportunities to learn more about using D2L.

TLT D2L experts

The following TLT professional staff members can assist you with any D2L tool, but specialize in the applications listed below and are responsible for all wiki content related to these specific areas:

Chad Kjorlien

Brightspace tools

  • Assignments Tool
  • Intelligent Agents Tool
  • Rubrics Tool
  • Self Assessments Tool
  • Surveys Tool
  • User Progress Tool
  • The assessment parts of the Discussion Tool

Flipped your class in Brightspace

  • Lecture capture and integration
  • Aligning Brightspace and classroom learning activities

Norb Thomes

Brightspace tools

  • Attendance Tool
  • Awards Tool
  • Classlist Tool
  • Groups Tool
  • Video Assignment
  • Virtual Classrooms

Mobile applications

  • Binder
  • Pulse

Course management

  • Course shell creation
  • Course merging
  • Homepages, widgets, navigation, and themes
  • Self-registration courses


Ken Graetz

Brightspace tools

  • Calendar Tool
  • Checklist Tool
  • Content Tool
  • Grades Tool
  • HTML editor Tool
  • Import/Export/Copy Components Tool
  • Learning Object Repository Tool
  • Manage Dates Tool
  • Quizzes Tool

Integrating other content

  • eBooks and publisher-provided resources
  • Embedding video

Structuring the student experience

  • Building a table of contents
  • Edit Course