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This is a guide to install the VLC App on your WSU Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

The VLC app allows you to play music, shows, and movies in a variety of different formats that may not be supported by Apple's default movie player on an iOS device.

Be sure to have AirWatch Agent installed before continuing with this tutorial.

Installation from AirWatch Agent

1. Tap the app "Agent".

VLC Android HomeScreen.png

2. Tap "APP CATALOG" in the top-right corner.

VLC Android AirWatch.png

3. Tap "Chrome" then tap "Always".

VLC Android Chrome.png

4. Tap the icon "VLC for Android".

VLC Android App.png

5. Tap "Install".

VLC Android Install.png

6. Tap the word "Install" again.

VLC Android Install (2).png

7. Tap "Play Store" then "Always".

VLC Androud PlayStore.png

8. Tap "OK"

VLC Android OK.png

9. Tap "INSTALL".

VLC Android PlayInstall.png

10. Tap "Accept".

  • You may have to put in your Google ID Username/Password in order to download VLC Player.

VLC Android Accept.png

11. VLC for Android will then download to your device.

VLC Android Download.png

12. Return to the home screen by tapping the home button on your device and then tapping the VLC App.

VLC Android Done.png

13. Finished, you can now enjoy the wide range of video/audio formats the VLC app can play for you.