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The EduDentity account is created and maintained through the D2L web site. It is used for full access to all features of the D2L Binder and Brightspace Assignment Grader applications.

Creating Your Account

It is best practice to create your EduDentity account through the D2L web site before attempting to use either the D2L Binder or D2L Assignment Grader applications.

You can create your free EduDentity account by using your Facebook credentials or by supplying your name, email address and password in the dialog. (See below.)

1. Create an EduDentity account from the EduDentity Site. Click here to go to the EduDentity site and create an account. This can be done through the web browser.


2. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Verify the email to create the account.


The same account works for both the D2L Binder and D2L Assignment Grader applications, so, even though it says Binder all over the page, fear not. This account will also get you into the Assignment Grader app.

You can create your EduDentity account at this page on the D2L web site.

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