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In Brightspace you can edit your settings to receive notifications to your email about activity in your Brightspace courses. This can help you keep on top of course due dates, new content and important news announcements. To customize your notification settings follow the steps below. These settings will apply to all of your Brightspace courses.

Step 1: Select Notifications

From the Brightspace Homepage or within any Brightspace course select your name in the top right corner of the page. Then select Notifications from the drop-down.

Notifications 1.jpg

Step 2: Select Contact Method

This next page is your Brightspace notifications page. First determine the email you would like your notifications sent to. By default your Winona State email will be listed. If you would like to use a different email, select Change your email settings. On the next page you can enter a different email address.

Notifications 2.jpg

Step 3: Select Instant Notifications

Next you will select which items you would like instant notifications for. To select an item, check the boxes in the column on the right side of the screen. Below are descriptions of the items you can select. It is recommended to only select the items you find the most important. You will receive separate notifications each time an item is triggered. It may become distracting to receive notifications for all of the items listed.

Notifications 4.jpg

A. Announcements

  • Announcement Updated: Receive a notification if a news announcement is edited with new information.
  • New Announcement Available: Receive a notification if a new announcement is posted on the homepage.

B. Assignments

  • Submission Folder Due Date or End Date is 2 Days Away: Receive a notification 2 days before an assignment folder assignment is due or the set end date.

C. Content

  • Content Item Created: Receive a notification when a new piece of content is added in the course.
  • Content Item Updated: Receive a notification if a piece of content is updated or edited.
  • Content Overview Updated: Receive a notification if the overview section is updated or edited.

D. Discussions

  • New Post in a Forum, Topic, or Thread That I Subscribed to in Instant Notifications: Receive a notification if there is a new post on an item you subscribed to from the discussion area.

E. Grades

  • Grade Item Released: Receive a notification when a new grade item is released and is displayed in the gradebook.
  • Grade Item Updated: Receive a notification when a grade item is updated in the gradebook with your grade.

F. Quizzes

  • Quiz End Date is 2 Days Away: Receive a notification 2 days before the set quiz end date.

Step 4: Customize Notifications

Next you can customize your notifications further by determining if you would like your score released in the notifications associated with grades. You can also determine if you would like to these settings to apply to past, future or inactive courses. To select a setting check the box on the left side of the screen.

Notifications 3.jpg

Step 5: Exclude Some Courses

Next you can decide if you would like these settings to apply to all of your courses. If you would like to exclude certain courses select Manage my course exclusions. From the next screen you can select the courses you would like to exclude. When you are done select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Notifications 5.jpg