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*Manage apps- this is where you can add, delete, and refresh apps.
*Manage apps- this is where you can add, delete, and refresh apps.

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WSU & Office 365
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Office 365 Guide


NOTE: We are actively working on this page. Please check back often.

What is Microsoft Office 365 Services?

Winona State is offering Microsoft Office Services (Cloud Computing) to the Winona State community for network resources/services.


  1. Outlook - WSU email for students
  2. SkyDrive Pro-File storage and sharing. This is separate from a personal SkyDrive account if you have one. SkyDrive Pro gives users 25 GB of personal storage that syncs with their devices for offline access. Easily share documents with others through Office or SharePoint. This is not to be confused with a personal SkyDrive account. SkyDrive is a personal account that you may have while SkyDrive Pro is included with Office 365 for your professional/business/school documents/files.
  3. Office Web Apps.
  4. Capture your ideas however you work best-using a keyboard, pen, or a touchscreen.
  5. Easily format information in Excel with tools that recognize your pattern and auto-complete data.
  6. Easily incorporate content from PDFs to create your own great-looking Word documents.

Setup Information

Detailed Information

365 logo2.png  Office 365 Login Information (sky.winona.edu)

  • WSU Students: To log into your WSU mail simply log onto http://sky.winona.edu, click on Student > Mail. Enter your WSU username and password.
  • WSU Employees: To log into your WSU mail simply log onto http://sky.winona.edu, click on Employees > Mail. Enter your WSU username and password.
  • WSU Alumni: To log into your WSU mail simply log onto http://sky.winona.edu, click on Alumni > Mail. Enter your WSU username and password.


  • Work in Progress

365 logo2.png  Office 365 Settings

365 settings menu.png

  • Work in Progress

Office 365 Menu

365 menubar1.png

365 logo2.png  Outlook 365 (WSU Mail)

Office 365 includes Outlook Web App so you can get to your email whenever you are online, even if you are away from your desk or using your mobile phone or tablet. To get to Outlook Web App, sign in to Office 365, then at the top of the page click Outlook, Calendar, or People.

  • The screen you will see when you first log in to Office 365 will be your Microsoft/WSU Outlook Email screen:

365 outlook.png

Important Links

365 logo2.png  Calendar

Your calendar lets you create and track appointments and meetings. You can create multiple calendars, link to other people’s calendars, and even share your calendar with other people in your organization.

365 Calendar1.png

Important Links

  • Work in Progress ; )

365 logo2.png  People

This is where all of your contacts are stored. Contacts may be added in manually, linked from a web app, or synced with a mobile device such as your mobile phone. You can view a directory of all rooms here on campus and all students and professors here on campus. You can email multiple people at once, find phone numbers, and create groups. From the directory you can find or create sites that you can share with a number of people to work on projects or share information. 365 People1.png

  • Work in Progress

365 logo2.png  Newsfeed

365 Newsfeed.png

  • Work in Progress

365 logo2.png  SkyDrive Pro and Web Apps

SkyDrive Pro is automatically included within your Office 365 account underneath the SkyDrive link. This is a service that allows you to create, share, edit, and back up your Office documents and other files. If you already use a personal SkyDrive, there are a few differences.

365 SkyDrivePro.png 365 Web Apps.png

For a quick way to learn about SkyDrive, its services, and how to use it, follow these links or check out our SkyDrive Pro page.

365 logo2.png  Sites

  • Sites is not ready for use at this time. Please check back often to find out more about this option.

365 logo2.png  ... > Office.com (training, templates, etc)

365 logo2.png  Name Tab

  • Sign in to IM- (not available yet)
  • About me- this is where you can type about yourself, list personal information, and it also keeps a log of your activities. On this page there are also shortcuts to the blogs page, applications, and tasks.

About me .png

  • My site- (not available yet)
  • Open another mailbox…- this gives you the option to add another preexisting Microsoft account.

Open mailbox .png

  • Sign out- this will sign you out of your account.

365 logo2.png  Settings

  • Refresh- this option refreshes the current page.
  • Set automatic replies- automatic replies are used when you will not be able to access your email for either short or long periods of time. You can access the automatic replies under the settings tab. You can then customize automatic replies. Once automatic replies are turned on they will respond to whoever emails you with your away message.

Send automatic .png

  • Display settings- this is where you can change how your emails in your inbox appear as well as how the email conversations look.


  • Manage apps- this is where you can add, delete, and refresh apps.