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Microsoft Office 365 is now Winona State’s email and storage solution for all employees and students. WSU provides email services accessible via the web to students, faculty, and staff as part of the E-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program. Be sure and check your WSU email account regularly as this is the way that WSU communicates with you.

We will never lease your email address to any advertisers and we take a pro-active approach to blocking unsolicited-bulk email messages that could clutter your inbox.

Accessing WSU Office 365 Email

You can get to your Microsoft Office 365 apps and email several ways. If you are not signed into Office 365 you will be prompted to do so.

  • ONe way is to click on this link
  • Click on Office365 & Email on the Resources tab on
  • On click on either the "Current Students" or "Faculty and Staff" tab. Click on "Email" under "Quick Links" on the left purple navigation bar.

You will use your StarID followed by "" for students and "" for employees to log into your email. Your WSU email address, however, will remain the friendly email address, e.g.

Email Storage

  • 25 GB inbox


According to FERPA Guide 2012 p 39: "Non-public educational data should never be sent to non-institutional assigned accounts... The institution would be held responsible if an unauthorized third party gained access to a student's education record...

What this means is that we cannot support forwarding WSU emails to a different preferred account.

Alumni Email

Click here for information on WSU Alumni Email


Contact Phone Support at 507-457-5240.

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