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Session Information

  • Level - Introductory, no previous Turning Technology student response system (SRS) experience required
  • Intended Audience - Instructors interested in integrating SRS with Just-in-time teaching (JiTT) methods into their courses.
  • Time - 50 minutes
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Before the Session


Before the Session: This session is hands-on, so please bring your laptop if possible. If you cannot bring a laptop, one will be provided for you.

General Description

Introduction to Student Response Systems. Learn to conduct polling, student assessments, and other just-in-time teaching (JiTT) techniques with the Turning Technologies student response system software and hardware. This introductory workshop applies the theory and research behind JiTT and will allow faculty to begin to utilize this technology within their courses.

Learning Outcomes

Following this session, you will be able to...

  • Choose between two ways to implement student, pre/post-class surveys and quizzes
  • Learn how to use in class feedback to adapt curriculum during class
  • Identify the risks involved in using an open backchannel during class
  • List three components of an online civility guide for your students

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