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Instructors teaching fully in-person, blended, or mostly online courses this fall should consider adding a statement to their syllabus related to physical distancing during class meetings. These sample physical distancing syllabus statements can be copied, pasted, and edited without permission or attribution.

Statement 1: General statement about physical distancing

In order to meet safely this semester, the layout of our classroom has been modified to allow at least six-feet of physical distance between us. Please respect each others' space and maintain that physical distance at all times. As you enter and exit our classroom, please be patient, wait for others, and be aware of the distance between you and those around you.

Statement 2: Furniture

Unless instructed, please do not reposition the furniture in ways that reduce physical distance.

Statement 3: Leaving the classroom during class

If you have to leave the classroom unexpectedly, please ask to be excused and then exit the room in a way that maintains physical distance as much as possible. If you know in advance that you will need to leave class early, select a seat with easy access to the exit if possible.

Statement 4: Course-specific movment

In this course, we will be [describe activity]. In order to engage in this activity while maintaining our six-foot physical distance, we will [describe procedure].

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